Automatic order reader




In many companies, orders are received through emails detailing which products to buy and in which quantities. When the customer number is high, the task of entering the order information into the management system can become countless working hours.

Aquiles-Read is an application that reads and interprets orders from customers that are received by mail and automatically enters them into the ERP.

It is an Outlook add-in that implements a very flexible algorithm, capable of interpreting orders written in emails without them having a specific structure. The application manages to identify the data relevant to the order and shows the user the result of its interpretation. Once it has been confirmed that the reading was successful, the order is automatically entered into the customer’s ERP, for example, SAP.

This application not only saves time on entering orders into the system, but also reduces the errors that are made when manually entering orders into the system.


⦁ A significant reduction in the time required to place orders in the system.
⦁ Minimization of human error when entering orders.
⦁ Flexibility in reading, being able to read countless formats.
⦁ Full integration with ERP.


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