Changing drawing formats




Formatpress is an application that runs in the AutoCAD environment and allows you to automatically define a presentation format.

In most cases, when an engineer and/or draftsman must make a presentation, he or she uses external programs to AutoCAD that allow him to obtain results on the subject he is working on. Examples of these are ISTRAM for road layout or SAP2000 for structure calculation. These programs allow you to export your results to AutoCAD, but require an important post processing as they are not defined in the parameters of the format you intend to make.

The application in question allows you to infer the format in which the presentation is intended as the user modifies autoCAD entities. Once the entities in the first presentation have been completely modified, the program infers the changes that have been made and associates them with other conditions. Once the user accepts such settings, it can be applied to other entities that will be modified according to the established criteria.


  • Designed for the particular needs of the customer.
  • Integration of the application into the most widespread CAD working environment (AutoCAD).
  • Saving a lot of time, because it allows you to automate the post editing process in presentations. 


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