Common planning solution for three complex processes in a factory




A software programming service must meet high standards. The main one is to respond to the specific problems that arise. It’s not just about systematizing processes, it’s about adapting to a customer’s needs.

At Aquiles Solutions we are committed to managing tools and strategies for large companies. Developing programs that meet the most demanding criteria.

An example of this is the development of an application for a company dedicated to the production of products for the construction sector. We created a custom software for this company that allowed the coordination of complex stages of its production process.

The purpose was to optimize the planning of the production modules of mixing, forming, and final treatments.

With this in mind, a digital tool was designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Generate optimal planning for the forming process, mixing and treatments considering the needs of each one. As well as the interrelationship between them.
  • Obtaining data quickly through the SAP system.
  • Work in simultaneous scenarios.
  • Automatic recalculations, by means of a quick updating of the data.
  • Simple editing: changes had to be made easily and visually.
  • Planning forecast for future orders.
  • Configuring the application in each of the modules.


Application to plan production modules

The program allowed automated and simultaneous planning of the modules: forming, mixing and  treatments. Checking for process changes, and whether they were correct before accepting them. Reducing the margins of error in the production of the products.

In this way, the analyst could know how changes in one module affected others to choose an appropriate scenario and generate planning based on it.

The available data could be updated, taking information from external sources such as SAP, to make the relevant corrections. Also, their corresponding visualization in the form of graphs and tables.

Another important aspect was the ability to program parameters for planning, from the configuration section.

In each module it was planned with the criteria and considerations established according to the customer. The application allowed the systematization of processes through a set of functionalities. Some of them were:

  • Forming: Determination of delayed products, inclusion of urgent orders, schedule.
  • Mixing: graphical representation of raw material, stock and planning changes.
  • Processing: display of production cycles for integration of processing planning.



The application yielded the following results after the launch of our customized software:

  • More efficient process planning for each module, respecting its variables, conditions and specific requirements.
  • Creation of ideal scenarios for optimal planning, based on the interaction of the processes carried out in each module.
  • Continuous updating of data from SAP and other external sources.
  • Display modules using charts and tables. This made it possible to update and correct the planning from these structures, facilitating the work of analysts.
  • Simultaneous analysis of programming.
  • Inclusion of urgent orders and their prioritization.

Information can be managed by analysts from any computer thanks to Framework .NET technology. This helped generate a visual and interactive structure, improving the user experience.

At Aquiles Solutions we think of smart tools for companies. We apply state-of-the-art technology and manage efficient processes, encouraging greater productivity for our customers.


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