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AquilesTrim: an innovative solution for industrial cutting patterns - Aquiles Solutions

AquilesTrim: an innovative solution for industrial cutting patterns




A common problem in different industries is cutting large pieces into smaller ones. It is difficult to achieve that the yield is minimal, which has a relevant impact if production costs. This situation is very common in the wood, paper, glass or steel sectors, and has been extensively studied.

Despite efforts to find a good solution, and considering how simple its mathematical formulation might seem, the answer remains just as complicated to find.

What is AquilesTrim?

AchillesTrim is an application for the optimization of cutting patterns applicable to processes such as lamination of metal profiles, manufacture of custom cut paper rolls, etc. By collecting a series of data from the customer management system (ERP or MES) and others such as the type of final product required, its quality, length and quantity of the order; it manages to program the equipment to carry out what is required in a personalized way.

The great advantage of AquilesTrim is that it can calculate thousands of solutions and provide the closest to the best one possible, reducing material yield and production. Once found they are returned to SAP or to the MES system for scheduling the cutting equipment.

What are the benefits of AquilesTrim?

AquilesTrim is designed to offer multiple benefits related to improving productivity and saving working time. Here are the main ones:

Reduced planning time:

Performing calculations is fast and efficient, so much so that rolling mill planning is reduced to one-tenth. This is not only advantageous in scheduled job processes, but in unexpected events it will make re-planning a possibility in minutes when incidents occur.

Reduction of MTO non-compliances:

Better customer service will be achieved due to the reduction of non-compliances in production on request. This is, by focusing on stock production, the most delicated aspect.

Full adaptation:

Its reliable adaptation to factory-specific machinery and customer management system will achieve accurate calculations that will be automatically transformed in efficiency increase.

Search for solutions based on multiple criteria:

AquilesTrim consists of analyzing various aspects to give adequate answers. So criteria such as raw material consumption and installation productivity are analyzed, among others.


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AquilesTrim: an innovative solution for industrial cutting patterns