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Plant Production Planning - Aquiles Solutions

Plant Production Planning




When a company implements software to perform basic functions that reduce time and effort, production increases because efforts and resources can be devoted to other areas of interest.

That’s what we do at Aquiles Solutions, offering technological responses, adapting to the needs of a particular business, developing digital tools for companies, that provide them with the solutions they need.

A successful case was the development of an application for a production plant, which allowed the programming of some daily processes of the company, making the work smooth and effective.

The problem

The production plant required information to be taken from its ERP to generate a production planning proposal.

This application had to include details of the raw materials for the week following the day of the calculation and for the rest of the programming period.

The calculation considers the following:

  • The stock of raw materials.
  • The expected consumption of raw materials, in the short, medium and long term.
  • The purchases of material that were made to other production plants.
  • The calendar of maintenance stops of the production plant.
  • Possible yields and formats for each of them.



The tool was developed as a desktop application using .NET platform, which was connected to SAP to obtain the information and to display the results.

The customized software developed by Aquiles Solutions for  the production plant, yielded to the following results:

  • A proposal for a manufacturing program, with details of all formats over a 6-week period.
  • A detailed production proposal per line, with reference specifications and the number of products that will go through each line over time.
  • The calculation of the evolution of production KPIs, evolution of stocks and consumption deviation.

In addition, I also include the following functions:

  • Visualization and output of results.
  • Editing solutions.

Calculations and configuration.


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