Environmental sustainability: real actions at Aquiles Solutions


Thanks to a number of intiatives around the world dedicated to the raise of awareness about the topics of environmental sustainability and ecology, a month of June witnesses various activities that are talking about the importance of taking care of our planet. 5th of June is World Environment Day; the World Oceans Day is celebrated on the 8th of June; World Day to Combat Desertification and the World Rainforest Day fall on the 17th and the 22nd of June, correspondently.

And for us at Aquiles Solutions that was a great timing to stop for a moment and reconsider the activity as a company and as an active member of the sosciety. To see what has already been done with respect to the social and environmental responsibility and what we can do more to promote it even better.


Projects for sustainability at AQUILES Solutions


At Aquiles we are proud to say that almost all of our projects are focused on the environmental responsibility approach in different ways. Optimizing transport routes is one of the projects that is  dedicated to creating the most efficient logistics routes making it possible to drastically reduce fuel consumption. The projects where we help industrial companies to reduce their production losses, for example reduction of non-compliance and yield, allow them to avoid the waste of resources.

Other projects that could be also highlighted due to their strong impact are the projects dedicated to energy optimization in production processes.  Throught innovative AI sultions we have shown that the company can save large amounts of energy once a proper optimization software for resource management is designed and implemented.

As a business entities we all should reflect and be aware of the impact we generate on the society and environment. We should stop conceiving companies as mear mechanisms of business and profit generators. Instead, we should start thinking of them as a living entity, with all that it entails. Keeping in mind that every comapny leaves its fingerprint on the planet and its ecology, and it is up to us the members of the company to minimize this impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is well known, but we want to go one step further. We do not want one-day initiatives, we want to start a real change and we want to add the label of sustainable company to our corporate values.


Real actions: A month of the environmental responsability


At Aquiles Solutions, we are carrying out multiple actions of all kinds so that this “living entity” could grow and learn to be better every day. Pin particular, pointing out important things and giving value to what really matters. For this reason, not only that we want to create the best work environment, but we also want to take advantage of this proactive approach to do good things.


Aquiles against trash in public places

In June 2021 Aquiles Solutions initiated an activity called an Environment Month that will hold during the whole month of June each year. As a part of this activity, the first session of Aquiles against trash in public places was organized on the 12th of June. This time #aquilespeople contacted the Serra de Collserola Natural Park Consortium. The idea was to help them with cleaning one part of the hiking track in the busiest area. Joining forces of the team and their family members we have collected several kilos of the rubbish that was damaging the nature and wildlife.


Recycling and fair trade

From the begining of its existance Aquiles Solutions was very consciencious with respect to the recycling, offering special solutions of recycling for such objects as capsules, batteries and hardware, etc. This time we improved the recycling policy by putting in place a set of changes related to the office management and its maintance. Among others these are collaborating with Solidança association and donating them the old office equipment, and changing office procurement habits by adding fair trade suppliers.


Smart energy consumption

Lastly, we paid special attention to the topic of energy consuption and implemented measures of the Pla d’Oficina Verda of the Barcelona City Council, reducing the hours of energy consumption and adding more plants and flowers to the office. With all the money saved both in energy and supplies, we are going to plant coffee trees in Ecuador.




All these actions could not be possible if it was not for the involvement and dedication of the team, which is always willing to roll up the sleeves and work together. Well, if not rolling up the sleeves literally, at least by making those who do laugh! To have great aspirations you have to have a great team that encourages you along the way.

And this is just the beginning! We have started the journey of #aquilesporelplaneta with just few steps, but much more is about to come. Collaboration with training programs, education, healthy lifestyle initiatives are on the way. At Aquiles Solutions we are open to everything that contributes to living in a better world now and leaving it in a good state for those who come. Do you want to join our challenge?

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