Generating quotations quickly and consistently




Technology is an indispensable tool for companies in all their processes. Every day the market becomes more competitive and it is necessary to provide effective services to meet customer demand.

For this reason, Aquiles Solutions provides a specialized service of digital tools and software. With a view to offering effective solutions to various problems, through the most up-to-date technology.

An example of this is the development of custom software for a company. It was an application created to facilitate the process of listing its products.

This, with a view to improving the offer and making the process much more accurate. The objectives of this software that we developed at Aquiles Solutions were as follows:

  • Determine the prices of the products according to each type of project and its characteristics quickly and efficiently.
  • Have referencing values based on projects already carried out by the company.
  • Maintain reference data using external variables such as raw material cost and
  • More homogeneous results.
  • Get an accurate cost report.

This digital business tool was designed to facilitate information management. Also, to increase the speed with which it was processed, providing a better service to the company.


How does the designed tool work?

This quotation program determines costs using a questionnaire based on the variables that have a direct impact on the price.

Among the information that the user enters in the interface is:

  • General customer data: name, code, location, date, among others.
  • Project type.
  • Parameters of the project.

In the application you also enter reference values of projects that have already been made by the company, which allow costs of similar projects to be assessed.



The application designed by Aquiles Solutions yielded the following results:

  • Faster and more efficient information processing.
  • More accurate cost reports, based on variables that directly impact raw material costs.
  • Reference values that shorten the quote process.
  • A simpler and more intuitive process thanks to the generated interface.
  • Increased responsiveness with customers.
  • Homogenization of the process.
  • Updating historical data.

Reports can be printed and viewed by users from any computer connected to the company server.


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