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your Order to Cash process as your business grows

Purchase order

For B2B industries the Purchase Order has been and will remain a key element in any business deals. Regardless of numerous EDI tools designed to straightforward the purchase order processing, the majority of the POs are still received through the email channel in a quite unstructured way.

Purchase order automation

How to enhance the daily efficiency and accuracy of the data integration? How to eliminate human errors from such a business-critical flow as purchase order management? By simply reducing the manual processing and substituting it with touchless transaction and swift automation.



The client is always right, even when he or she is sending the Purchase Order in the format that is completely not compatible with your system of records.

But the time of struggling to extract the information, introduce it in right format into the ERP, answer the client within limited period of time and hope there were no mistakes is now over for good!

Data entry accuracy

Data accuracy

100% accurate processing! We guarantee top results of the data entry from any PO formats to your business management software by using AI algorithms.

Lead Time

Lead time

Could not be faster! Purchase Order Reader automatically exports the data to your ERP once the PO is received through email. Still giving the option to validate the results manually, if needed.​

Streamline process

Streamline process

Quality time! Using automated PO management tool reduces up to 70% of the time dedicated to introducing data. Your team will focus on practical tasks and strategical decisions.

Automation of PO documents


Complex document processing can be simple! Over 80% of the orders are sifted and exported directly to the ERP. Purchase Order Reader is a flexible solution that adjusts to the needs of your business.

Data extraction

We offer an Artificial Intelligence product that is so much more than just an OCR

Aquiles Purchase Order Reader is a revolutionary cognitive data capture technology. Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PO Reader functions alike to human mind. It recognizes the patterns of business documents, breaks down the structure and layouts for current and future references, and reshapes the extracted data in the format needed for your ERP.

Data extraction tools

No matter which formats your customer chooses to send you an urgent purchase order, with PO Reader you will get all the data exported to your business system in safe, quick and easy manner. The basic configuration is processing PDF, others are available upon the request. Would it be a text file or image, Microsoft Office programmes, html format or just a message in the body of the email, it simply does not matter. You will be ready to close the deal within a few seconds.

PO formats

For purchase order processing, we run successful integrations with numerous ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or IBM AS/400. Did you know they are in TOP 5 ERP Softwares? Even if you use a different business system, keep reading! We deploy new solutions every day and next one will be for you! Raise your business efficiency high and gain the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in your Order to Cash process regardless.

ERP Systems

Purchase Order Reader:
How does it work?​

PO Reader as SaaS


Purchase Order Reader is a Software as a Service. The connection, operation and upgrading of the system is straight-forward and available any moment of the day or night. Forget about complex software installation, maintenance revisions or complications that may occur when moving from one ERP to another. Being a SaaS product Purchase Order Reader enables you to conduct a smooth transfer to a new system of records whenever you may need it. 
It comes without saying that 100% secure connection to the email and ERP and transfer of data is guaranteed.

1. Receiving

Having email box as a main channel of the business documentation exchange with your customers, all you need is to provide access to your email account. Purchase Order Reader is compatible with all the types of email accounts: Google, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or others. Once it is connected, all the operational steps will be triggered completely automatically. 

As soon as you receive an email form a client Purchase Order Reader will scan the content and analyze if it contains the information that would match the purchase order characteristics. If yes, the processing of the data starts.

PO Reader receiving emails
PO Reader processing information

2. Processing

Processing is where the magic of Artificial Intelligence that operates Purchase Order Reader sparkles the most! First of all, it can understand and interpret almost all the types of formats, depending on the PO Reader package. The reliability of this interpretation is almost 100%. Thanks to the machine learning algorithms that are capable to identify the inaccurate product description and suggest the way to process them.

But what data does the Purchase Order Reader actually extract? Everything! Information about the client (name and address), the order itself (codes and references, product description, technical specs, price, quantity), and payment terms (discounts, due date and form of payment).

3. Integrating

After filtering and pre-processing the information, Purchase Order Reader sets up the mapping between the read/processed data with the fields in the ERP. The greatest advantage of this product is that it verifies the obtained data and examines if it complies with the requirements of the ERP. This is a very important, tricky and time-consuming process where manual entry errors are seen the most. Digitalization of data extraction will save you from that. If the verified information is correct and aligns with the ERP settings the data is exported automatically.

In case there is any mismatching, let´s say incorrect discount terms, the system indicates the issues and leaves the possibility to modify the information manually. Once all is set, the data integration is completed.

PO Reader integrating data to ERP

And all of this is done in a matter of seconds!

 Amazing, right?!




For the last 5 years Aquiles Solutions was developing, implementing and perfecting the Purchase Order management optimization as a part of Order to Cash process. Tens of successful projects turned us into the pros when talking about the automation of business document transactions. We are proud of it and happy to share with you the Success Stories of our clients to motivate you for greater goals that can be achieved by digitalizing in your business processes.

Purchase Order Reader: Automated Data Extraction