Optimizing transport routes




Technology is necessary to facilitate everything we do in our day-to-day life, whether it’s a call or in our work. The business sector has realized this and started looking for technological and automated solutions to its daily problems.

At Aquiles Solutions we are experts in developing technological tools according to the needs of a company, which will allow to provide a customized solution to it. We strive to do quality work that will be of benefit to stakeholders and will allow the growth of a business and the increase of its profits.


How do we work at Aquiles Solutions?

For the particular case of a food transport company, at Aquiles Solutions we developed a tool that allowed to  make a calculation for the optimization of transport routes. This tool was designed according to do the following conditions:

  • Loads the information needed to perform the calculation of transport routes, from any data system.
  • Calculate and optimize transport routes, exporting information to other sources.
  • Show the results to users who want to query them.

The tool was designed to make thetransport of the goods optimal, minimizing costs and allowing fruits and vegetables to travel under conditions suitable for preservation.


What information did the tool require for its operation?

This route planner needed the following information:

  • Loading sites, dates, goods will be transported and quantity.
  • Delivery sites for cargoes and places and dates of deliveries.
  • Trucks that the company has available.
  • Travel time, including stops.
  • The origin and destination of the routes.

The tool will have continuous use, so it had to be able to modify the information, when necessary, to make adjustments to the planning.


What are the results that the tool delivered?  

The Application of Aquiles Solutions yielded the following results:

  • Number of trucks required for routes.
  • Characteristics of each trip, such as the suppliers and the number of drivers required for each route.
  • The stops that the trucks would make on the trip, such as picking up merchandise, delivering the products to customers and stops in warehouses.
  • The total expenses calculated for each trip made and the distance of each of

These results were displayed in the application and could be exported to Excel or another data tool available in the company, to be contained in any system.


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