Reduction of non-compliance and yield




Sometimes companies require more than one digital tool to solve two different problems at once.

That was the case we were given at Aquiles Solutions, requiring two digital tools, which could work together, but provided solutions to two different problems.

These applications were successfully developed and are now a critical part of the company’s work, making it more practical for the team.

Developing the non-compliance reduction tool

The non-compliance tool was developed for the control of parts that were lost for various reasons (by lost semi-product, raw material, incidents in the line or products with geometric defects).

To respond to the problem, the tool was developed, and it allowed to record the incidents and proposed actions for the reduction of the non-compliance of long MTO, periodically reporting what was going on in previous days.

The application was created for the use of three different users, all with different functions:

  • For quality control, the tool indicates the information of the breaches on the line and allows you  to  enter information in the system that was not previously there.
  • For the rectifier, the tool allows the entry of specific data of the measurements of defective products and recommends how to treat them.
  • For the office user, the application allows the generation of reports and analysis of past days.


Development of the yield reduction tool

The application was developed to control some line parameters in real time, to closely follow the process and take steps to minimize yield.

This custom software, was developed with a screen that contains three different tabs. Each tab represents a particular function.

  • The Tables tab displays the  input and output information for the
  • The charts tab displays a chart indicating the evolution of some parameters over time, selected by the user and  taken  from the company database.
  • The reports tab allows you to configure the contents of the report and generates a file that contains all the information, being able to choose between the EXCEL or PDF format.


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