A key to success: employee satisfaction

It is time to acknowledge that the expansion of Artificial Intelligence into all levels of life sets the trends not only for a new industrial revolution spiral loop, aka Industry 4.0, but also for the drastic shift of the work relationship, paying more attention to employee satisfaction.

In the IT sector more than anywhere else we can see the change of the labour terms between the company and employees. Employees offer their knowledge, skills and proactive approach in solving the tasks, while the company offers in return a ground for a steady professional growth, challenging projects that bring professional satisfaction, a true work-leisure balance and inclusive, self-realisation culture.

It is an attitude of the professional partnership between company and employee that builds great teams and achieve great goals. At Aquiles Solutions the corporate culture of “people first” is one of the corner stones of the company that helps to keep the family spirit and constant growth of the team.

To make sure that the corporate culture is not just on the paper, an employee satisfaction survey is taken place on annual basis to get a honest and accurate feedback on the work environment. The latest survey proves Aquiles Solutions to be the place where developers come to stay, succeed professionally and thrive on fulfilling interesting AI projects. The results of current internal review are due in coming months.

You are looking for new professional challenges and inspiring work environment, contact our amazing HR team and learn more about current openings and extra perks.

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