Aquiles Strategic Retreat

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A few days ago, taking advantage of the company’s fifth anniversary, we organized a few days to redefine achilles’ mission, vision and values. The whole team traveled for two days to the Era of Can Burgués, an 18th-century farmhouse equipped for the occasion.

It is important that the team feels identified and complicit in the fundamentals that guide the company. Mission, vision, and values must be known and shared by all members of the company and guided to be clear about the strategy to follow.

At Achilles we decided that it was important in a changing and flexible environment like that of the software world that, after the first five years of the company, we reflected on it again.

During the first day we made a brief review of the history of the company, recalling what our origins are, what services we offer, who our customers are and what forecasts for the future we have.  After that, we perform the first activity in relation to the values.

Among all and after several team tasks, we decided that the values that best represent us are: boldness, collaboration, flexibility, honesty, innovation and responsibility. It was very rewarding to see how being so many different people, our values were so similar.

On the second day we decided our mission and our vision, also taking the opportunity to strengthen teamwork and, not without first, playing a Kahoot to be clearer.

For the mission most teams agreed on keywords such as “innovation”, “tailor-made solutions”, “customers”, “talent”, “excellence” or “partner”. Finally, we conclude that our mission is to accompany our customers in the continuous improvement of processes, creating innovative and intelligent solutions, through the talent of ourteam.

Finally it was time for the vision, for which we chose a more reflective outdoor activity and each group provided different views on the future of the company. The most exciting thing about this was to see how all the groups emphasized that Achilles’ success is and therefore should remain the culture and treatment of people. From all this it derived that our vision is that “we want to be a reference in the creation of advanced technological solutions and an essential partner for our customers, maintaining our culture based on people”.

From these days we are strengthened as a team, with a clearer idea of where we are headed and eager to make the future of Achilles Solutions the one we all want. Only with a team 100% involved can you reach your goals and make your values your culture, your mission your strategy and your vision a future reality.

From the Human Resources team we want to thank you for the enormous involvement of each and every member of the Achilles team and we look forward to counting on all of you in the coming ones.

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