Innovative solutions in Logistics and Automation

A few days ago, a new edition of Logistics and Automation Event took place in Madrid, Spain. No need to say that it was a place to be for everyone who is working in the logistics sector and who is willing to have a close look at the latest trends in the field of intralogistics, packaging and robotics. But what is worth mentioning is that as off this year the focus of the event falls far beyond the innovative solutions in logistics only and the optimization of warehouse management, would it include Warehouse layout, Inventory accuracy, Picking processes or Operational costs.

Transport & Delivery: customised AI solutions

This time the venue has become the meeting point as well for transport and delivery companies who seek to simplify, connect and optimize the whole supply chain. We are happy to announce that Aquiles Solutions took an active part in accumulating and presenting innovative solutions both for intralogistics and transport sectors through Technological Forum and Innovation Tour.

Upheaving automation in the transportation industry

According to the latest Transportation & Logistics Insight survey* the main players see the lack of automation in the transportation industry as a main reason for poor EDT prediction, higher fuel costs and a loss of skilled stuff.

With the support of the Spanish Shippers’ Association and the Spanish Association of Freight Forwarders, all the interested parties had an adapted exhibition space to discuss main challenges of the industry and find the general or customised AI solutions that would help them to achieve their logistics goals.

Advanced ideas for Supply Chain

That is why Aquiles Solutions has chosen “Optimization of Picking, Truck Loading and Distribution Routes” case of success as a deviceful solution for Innovation Tour.

This activity was organised to facilitate the exchange of the information about the cutting-of-edge tools designed to optimize the intralogistics operational processes. Yet, with this solution we showed the possibility to tackle classical picking problem, on one hand, and, on the other, to improve the distribution routing strategies. For more information download our full case of success.

Fact Sheet - Truck Loading and distribution routes optimization. By Aquiles Solutions

Innovative solutions in logistics

Together with Logistics & Automation Aquiles Solutions shares the belief that it is important to see the global picture and solve the challenges of intralogistics and transportation though combined solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Optimization and Data Science.

* Survey carried out by Levvel

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Innovative solutions in Logistics and Automation
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