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Extract information automatically from PDF to Excel - Aquiles Solutions

Extract information automatically from PDF to Excel




Pdf2Excel is a desktop application developed in the .NET environment that allows the interpretation of pdf documents and export such information in Excel.

In most companies, the level of paperwork to be done is vast. Many times, employees working in administration receive documents in a variety of formats and must manually extract information from them (for example, a scanned pdf document in which there is a table). In case the number of documents is large, this task becomes difficult to perform and is susceptible to human error.

To do this, the program allows the automation of this task. First, the user defines how each document type should be read and how the information will be exported to Excel. Then, the application can process a lot of documents in a very short time and write in an Excel all the information collected.

In addition, the program has advanced pdf and Excel processing  algorithms, as well as  OCR techniques  for interpreting scanned documents, providing the user with a useful tool in their day to day.


  • Designed for the particular needs of the customer.
  • Processing thousands of documents in minutes.
  • Complete automation of the process of acquiring and editing the documentation received in a company. Allowing administrators to focus on higher value-added tasks


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