Identifying and removing duplicate entries




Managing business solutions

At Aquiles Solutions we provide solutions to company specific problems, offering a software service to ease operations and processes.

We worked with a company to optimize one of their databases which was full of duplicated entries that made it difficult to manage.

To respond to this need, we developed an application that detected such entries through a series of criteria that the user could adjust at any time.



The application was designed to make it easier to remove duplicate entries which was very difficult to do with other procedures, due to the large number of data handled by the company.

For this purpose, the following functions were considered:

  • Set up criteria to evaluate the fields in the data tables.
  • Show a list of couples likely to be duplicated.
  • Generate a list of duplicate entries in an EXCEL file for relevant management.
  • The possibility of working as a team together and in parallel.

The program worked by entering the criteria in an EXCEL file. The application analyzed the data by columns considering the selected criteria, such as numeric values and text strings. The latter by means of an algorithm.

Various dictionaries were also programmed to search for words and concepts. Such as: synonyms, antonyms, compound, omissible and differentiating words.

This digital business tool was tested, yielding satisfactory results, which allowed us to consider new options for improving it.



We achieved the following results:

  • Efficient reading of data and search for duplicate entries based on selected criteria.
  • Column analysis and filtering.
  • Evaluation of words and terms in case studies. Some of them are: compound words, abbreviations, white space, prepositions, among others.
  • Generate a list of duplicate entries in EXCEL.
  • Possibility to import the files.
  • Deleting obsolete entries.

Based on this, it can be said that the application allowed to efficiently eliminate duplicate entries. Also, keep the ones that the user wanted, as well as leave the process for later and check in inventory.

In this way, several people from the company was able to manage its inventories in parallel, which not only helped them work more efficiently, but also reduced costs.

At Aquiles Solutions we are experts in maximizing the efficiency of business processes, making information management more efficient. We know how important this factor is at the commercial level.


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