Industry 4.0 solutions

The custom service automation company will present its applications and specialized projects at the Advanced Factories fair (stand A145) on March 13, 14 and 15. 

Aquiles Solutions is a software company that was born in 2014 with the vocation of applying the knowledge of its team in automation and process optimization, to the real problems that companies encounter today and, in particular, the industry. Agility in project development and the high impact of its solutions on the efficiency of business processes have enabled the company to quickly make a solid hole in its area of expertise.

Its main service is the development of custom software, specifically designed for each client by virtue of their needs. The software it develops helps to organize the means of production more efficiently, thanks to the application of the technology at each step of the supply chain, which could be framed in what is currently known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0.

In many cases there is no commercial software suitable to the particular needs of a company, so today some tasks are still done by hand that a computer could do much faster and, in many cases, even better than a person. That’s where it makes sense to develop custom software and that’s where Aquiles comes in, especially when the problem to be solved requires using optimization techniques.

Their working methodology is based on direct contact with the client, so that they can understand their needs in depth, always keep up to date with the evolution of the work and make it part of the design throughout the development process. Another service it offers is data analysis and the development of management support indicators. Today, companies store a lot of data (from their processes, from customers, suppliers…) but never exploit their potential. Aquiles Solutions applies analysis techniques that allow to extract the information that is enclosed in all that data, providing indicators that help make decisions. For example, it has developed a system that allows to adjust the production parameters to minimize quality defects, being able to predict the evolution of the demand or price of a material, perform predictive maintenance, etc.

Another important point is that they always try to know the vision of everyone involved in the project, from the management to the people who will use the application every day. A software solution must meet the goals set by the company, but its success also depends on end users, those who actually use it, to be comfortable.

To get to work in this way, they have been creating a team of professionals with long experience in software development, but also with knowledge of the world of the industry, allowing them to have a smooth interaction with the client. For Aquiles Solutions “it is essential to speak the same language as the customer if we want to understand their needs and submit proposals to them”.

On the other hand, its solutions also adapt to the context of the customer’s systems and the way they work. The customer should not make an effort to adapt to the company’s proposals, but it is the Aquiles Solutions applications that adapt to the way the client works, facilitating its adoption.

At Aquiles Solutions they work to achieve satisfied customers who have continued to work and rely on the company’s services.

A project that has been especially relevant to Aquiles is precisely the first one they developed, the cutting pattern optimizer, whose objective was to help the customer solve a production problem: minimizing costs in a material cutting process. To do this they developed an application that calculates the ideal way to cut the material to the dimensions requested by customers, so that the reductions, the excess material that has to be discarded, are minimal. Thanks to this application the cutting planning time was reduced to one-tenth and a 10% savings in reductions were achieved.

Another example might be an order reader, because it applies to many companies. When the sales department receives an order by mail, this application analyzes and interprets the contents of the email and automatically enters the order in the management system. This saves a lot of time to the sales company, who previously had to hand transcribe all orders, and decreases the likelihood of making mistakes in the process.

Workers Have also worked on several production planning solutions, which propose an optimal manufacturing plan based on sales forecasting and current stocks. The objective in this case is to achieve the best production yields while ensuring that the necessary stock will be available at all times to meet demand.

Aquiles Solutions is currently working on a system to simultaneously optimize truck loading and delivery routes in order delivery. These are two problems that are usually solved separately, so many times optimal solutions are not obtained globally. In this solution, the goal is to minimize the overall cost of transportation in multi-customer and multi-product deliveries, maximizing the load of each truck while defining the shortest delivery routes.

Aquiles seeks to be a reference company in the development of solutions within the framework of Industry 4.0, with the application of cutting-edge technologies (optimization techniques, machine learning, internet of things, artificial vision, etc.) to production processes. Aquiles Solutions is approaching a wide range of industries, both nationally and internationally, so they are investing heavily in the development of a human team, with an international and multidisciplinary profile.

You can learn more about Aquiles Solutions solutions at the Advanced Factories fair (stand A145), next March 13, 14 and 15.

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