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Today it is most common for a company to receive orders through its website or through EDI(Electronic Data Interchange). However, in many B2B companies a significant portion of orders are still received via email.
In these cases, orders have to be processed and entered into the management system manually, which is an important cost when the number of orders is high.
One of the most consolidated solutions of Aquiles Solutions is the Order Reader, a tool capable of interpreting the content of emails and generating orders automatically in our customers’ ERP systems.
This product was born to help our customers reduce the time spent processing orders. However, they have achieved not only this goal, but also those of improving lead-time and reducing errors in manual data entry.
Over time, the tool has evolved and adapted to the different peculiarities of each business, thus becoming a flexible solution and able to respond to the most current technological needs.
Whether in the form of An Outlook”add-in”,desktop or web application, our autointerpreter reads in the emails that information necessary to generate the order (product code or description, quantity, delivery date, etc.) and shows the user the result of their interpretation.
With its intuitive interface, the user can easily perform the necessary checks, as well as add, delete or modify the order lines that have been interpreted when deemed appropriate. You can also assess whether the prices and discounts indicated by the customer are correct and, if not, notify you.
If no changes are required, the user simply validates the interpreted order and the different order lines are automatically saved in their ERP system (such as SAP, AS400, or Microsoft Dynamics).
The reader is able to do the interpretation without the email having a specific structure. The data can be presented in any format, either in the same body of the e-mail, in files attached to the mail (PDF type, Word, Excel, TXT or html) or even in images, from an OCR (optical character recognition) process.
When the order indicates the product code, the reliability of the interpretation is almost 100%. However, in some cases the customer uses an inaccurate description of the product, making it difficult to read automatically. To solve this problem, our team has developed an algorithm capable of identifying the product that most resembles the customer’s description, and that is learning from the feedback provided by the user,making its interpretation increasingly accurate.
The order reader is a flexible and complete tool that can easily adapt to your business needs and move your business towards digitization. If you want to make ordering more efficient, the reader will allow you to significantly reduce the time and costs of this process, freeing up your workers to engage in other higher value-added tasks.
If you want to dig deeper into the product or how it can fit your business, our team will be happy to help you.

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